Rick Liss

Meet Rick. The truck driver turned restaurateur. Hard working, and dedicated to providing for his family, Rick spent a career hauling gas for Union 76 and after more than 2 million miles behind the wheel, he realized it was time to make a change. Spending nearly 8 years as a business ownership coach, he found himself wondering what he wanted to be when he "grows up". Why not the owner of Pasadena's best kept secret....Vertical Bistro? To him, the restaurant industry created an opportunity to serve his community and provide for his family for generations to come. Rick loves talking to the patrons of Vertical about anything from the food and service, to WWII fighter planes, to the "last bitchin' corvette model, the C6". Ask him about his best buddy in the whole world though, his grandson Sawyer, and you'll be sure to share an evening of stories and laughs. 


Colleen Liss

Colleen has spent a career at a multi-national corporate law firm. Now, you can find her on any given night making sure her patrons are well fed, well served, and well poured. A Montana native, Colleen gives a "small town" flair to the restaurant that brings a warm and comfortable atmosphere to an otherwise busy, sometimes chaotic city life. After all, everyone needs a little "Big Sky" in their life.


Ole Olson

Ole has collectively spent a little more than 12 years in the restaurant industry. He has held just about every position there is. From dishwasher to General Manager, he has done it all. He left the industry in 2014 to begin a career in commercial real estate which he continues to this day. However, when the sun goes down he gets right back in the saddle monitoring and managing the floor and making sure that the service and functionality of the restaurant reaches it's highest potential. Not afraid to help wherever help is needed, you'll find Ole either bartending, bussing tables, or playing host. He loves getting to know what brings customers to Vertical and, more importantly, listening to what will bring them back. You'll also find that he is always carrying a deck of cards. Why? He's got a few magic tricks up his sleeve and would be happy to show you one. Just ask. Nothing beats bringing a smile to the faces of our Vertical friends.